Monday, November 2, 2009

Another delicata

Today Bosse, David and the Swiss couple left Corvo which means I now have the whole island to myself again. The others went to reservoir to look for the Ring Ouzel but didn't find it. Instead they found a flock of ~35 Snow Bunting! Now I'm the only birder here...
I went to the lighthouse in the morning and birded that area for the first hours of the day. Beautiful weather, beautiful place, but no birds. Continued through Cantinho on my way back and then decided to have a walk in da Lapa as last site of the day. Flushed the Blue-winged Teal in the same pool as usual. Surprised that it is still there since it is saying in a shallow 3x1 m pool! Continued to my Snipe place, a marshy area where I've flushed three Common Snipes on every visit so far. And after a minue on sie I had flushed three Common Snipes today as well. Continued through the area when suddenly Snipe no 4 flew up. It looked dark in the upperwing so I got my bins on it quickly and got good flight views of the bird. No white edge at all and evenly, dark barred underwing - Wilon's Snipe! Flushed the bird once more before I left the area.
Nice birding weather!

Tomorrow I'll go back to the valleys to have another look for the one.

Grey Heron 1, Blue-winged Teal 1, Common Snipe 3, Wilson's Snipe 1,

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