Friday, November 6, 2009

DICKCISSEL!!! ...on Flores :(

Dark-eyed Junco in Fajã Gande yesterday, two Dicksissels in Ponta Delgada today. Nico de Vries and Flores is ON FIRE! Saw a big boat pass towards east south of Flores, don't remember if it was yesterday or today. Maybe that's why they score...?

I started on the mountain today since it was calm and clear. Soon the fog came and it was not very clear anymore. Still I managed to see a Buff-bellied Pipit, two Red-throated Pipits, 30 Snow Buntings and a Pale-bellied Brent. B-b Pipit hasn't been seen on the site since 21st October despite quite a few birders running around in the area since then. Still the same bird or a new one?

Buff-bellied Pipit

Pale-bellied Brent

Snow Bunting

Red-throated Pipit


Did some bushy areas on the hill closer to the village for a while before I heade towards Ribeira da Lapa. Flushed some snipes on my way there, and judging from pictures at least one of them is dark (but seems to have thin white trailing edge). In da Lapa the Blue-winged Teal was still in as well.

Pale and dark Snipe

Blue-winged Teal

Grey Heron 1, Blue-winged Teal 1, Common Snipe 2, Lesser Black-backed Gull 1, Pale-bellied Brent 1, Red-throated Pipit 2, Buff-bellied Pipit 1, Snow Bunting 30

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