Sunday, September 27, 2009

Got another one!

Took up birding today where I quit yesterday at Ribeira do Poço de Agua. Weather was good for birding with thin clouds keeping the sun away. Only 30 seconds after Mani dropped me off I saw something yellow sitting in the top of a hedge - Bobolink! Got great views of the bird for a few minutes before a Chaffinch chased it away. This is only about 300 metres from where I had a possible Bobolink a few days ago so maybe it's been around for a few days?

These creatures are real beauties!

The next ten hours I didn't see shit despite birding Ribeira da Poço de Agua, upper parts of Fojo, a part of Pico, a part of Ribeira da Ponte and whole Ribeira da Lapa. But more birds are out there for sure! Tomorrow Simon Buckell and Peter Alfrey will arrive to the island and help me find them.


Bobolink 1


  1. Bang, there you go again. And with reinforcements and more decent weather I imagine I'll be becoming greener with envy by the day. All the best.

  2. Another one bites the dust... =)
    Du är glödhet! Kolla alla fogelar somm ser misstänksammmma ud!

  3. Reprajser! :)
    Slit på! Det kommer mera....