Monday, September 14, 2009

Mallorca cleaned up!

Hôla! Arrived to the island yesterday evening and had to stand in line for almost two hours to get my pre-booked car. While standing in line I was fortunate enough to see the Swedish MEGA artist Basshunter walking by! After I got my car I somehow got lost in the middle of Palma before I found the road to Alcudia. Don't ask me how I could miss it... Anyway, there was a really funky DJ on the radio and we had quite a good time together before I finally reached the lighthouse on the Fermentor peninsula where I slept in my car. After a rough nights sleep the first thing I saw through the car window when I opened my eyes in the morning was an Eleonora's Falcon - great start! Too bad I couldn't see the details on it as my eyes were still more or less glued together... When I got out of the car I was entertained by about ten or so nice Eleonora's during the morning, now and then harassed by a Peregrine.
Eleonora's Falcon

Fermentor Peninsula

After that I continued to a spot for Balearic Warbler a few kilometers in on the peninsula. On my way to the spot I got aquainted with the local forms of Spotted Flycatcher and Common Crossbill. On the Warbler site I easily found 7-8 Balearic Warblers in an hour or so and they gave good views, but unfortunately the weren't very photogenic! An odd thing in the dry pine areas were quite a few Yellow Wagtails, which all sounded like flava/thunbergii (i.e. not iberiae).

Balearic Warbler habitat

Balearic Warbler

Early afternoon was spent in the Boquer Valley where another 3-4 Balearic Warblers were found easily. Apart from that there was most sun in the valley and I had to take a break at a local bar. Before heading towards the airport I visited the bridge between Port D'Alcudia and Sa Pobla where I saw one or two Moustasched Warblers, unfortunately accompanied by a Purple Swamphen. Now I'm at the airport awaiting my plane to Sevilla. Adios!


  1. Björn gillar detta!
    Keep up!

  2. Nice pics on da nice bids, but mo pics on da Andalucian gal ?? Odd boy !!

    Regards swiftman