Thursday, October 22, 2009

New systems on their way

Pretty quiet day today. The westerlies keep blowing pretty strong over the island so hopefully more stuff is coming in. Saw the Pale-bellied Brent flying over the village this morning while waiting for Manuel to take us up. Birded my way up through Cancelas slowly and carefully during the first half of the day, but found absolutely nada. Went down again through Fojo and continued to Pico where I spent a few hours at the White-eyed Vireo place. Walked back through da Ponte where I bumped into the Black-and-white Warbler again. That bird has been there for ages now! I wonder what it's gonna do... winter there maybe!?

Weather is looking promising. Thanks to a low pressure moving out a few days ago we've been getting westerlies for the last three days. And more is on the way...

This is what the weather was today.

On Saturday a new system is coming in and it is coming from southwest!

The system is moving pretty quick as well, this is on Sunday.

Tomorrow we'll try to go to the Caldeira!

Brent Goose 1, Black-and-white Warbler 1


  1. It will be a Grey and White Warbler by the time you leave Olof !

  2. Hi - can someone tell me what type of Brent Goose? Pale-bellied hrota? or Dark-bellied bernicla?