Friday, October 9, 2009

Red-eyed Vireo

We had planned to go to Flores today with the boat at 11:20, so at 9 I went to the ticket shop and settled everything. At 10:30 Simon got a call that the boat was cancelled... So we headed up to Cantinho and Cancelas instead. After 10 minutes the rain started and the first half of the day was a total failure. After boosting up at Fojo I went down and kicked the lower part of Ribeira da Poso de Agua as hard as could for a few hours, but nada. After walking back scanning fields I took a short walk around the village before I settled on some rocks by the sea and enjoyd a fantastic sunset. On my way back I passed a few bushes by the beach and a Blackcap flew by me. Very odd place for a Blackcap so I checked the bird and soon saw a Red-Eyed Vireo feeding in a small bush 5 m in front of me - yes! Unfortunately it was late and not much light left, so none of the others got to see the bird. Maybe it arrived today as a new system hit us or maybe it flew off the boat that passed the island yesterday? Anyway a good indication that new birds are here! Also saw the small white Egret flying by near the beach. Staffan successfully twitched the Philadelphia Vireo in Ribeira do Vinte today but unfortunately couldn't find the Black-and-white Warbler in Ribeira da Ponte despite a 4 h search :(

Red-eyed Vireo 1, Bar-tailed Godwit 1 adult female, Little/Snowy Egret 1, Northern Wheatear 1

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  1. 2 spp of vireo cant be bad - best of luck over the weekend.....