Saturday, October 10, 2009


Started at upper Ribeira da Poso de Agua and upper Fojo with Simon but strong from south made birding hard. During late morning the Spanish clown Rafa (Rafael Armada) found an absolutely stunning Ovenbird in Ribeira da Amoreira below Fojo. He found the bird as he was taping Blue Tit(!) along the road and everyone could twitch the bird successfully. A very much wanted species for me!


Birded my way back and had an odd looking bird I thought could be a Baltimore Oriole near the lower parts of Ribeira da Poso de Agua, but only got crap views of it on big distance in bad light. Maybe it was just a Chaffinch.

Two hours later at Ribeira da Ponte I got to know that there was a Rose-breasted Grosbeak and a Baltimore Oriole in the village! Walked down as fast as I could but missed the Oriole. Found out that Eric was the only one who had seen it as it rapidly moved up towards the village. Probably a newly arrived bird looking for a nice place to hang out, hopefully someone will find it the coming days. Also got to see Pete's Grosbeak in the evening.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak. Visit Peters blog for better pictures:

Black-and-white and Black-throated Green are still hanging around in Ribeira da Ponte and in Ribeira do Vinte Eric flushed a Catharus thrush and Pierre heard the (still!) unidentified American Warbler today again. We're thinking about making a hit there together first thing in the morning tomorrow to nail the bastards!

Grey Heron 1, Ovenbird 1, Rose-breasted Grosbeak 1


  1. They just keep coming - a good day still with a Baltimore Oriole to catch up with, a calling warbler and Catharus Thrush skulking somewhere - superb stuff - best of luck later on today !

  2. Nu jäklar lossnar det rejält! Kör hårt!//Korvkungen