Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Had a slow morning today with loads of sleep and after that loads of coffee. Worked my way through a big bunch of emails before I went out seawatching by the windmills. Fred joined after a while and in the evening we were five seawatchers. Result? Pretty good, thanks to Fred's sharp eyes! Bonxie, Leach's Petrel and Purple Sand best birds of the day. Fred had also seen a Grey Phalarope in the morning. By the windmills we also got company by this dude from Greenland:

Northern Wheatear

Today winds were somewhat (but not much) nicer than the previous days and allowed five birders to leave the island. The crew is getting smaller and I think we are 13 left here now. The people who birded more seriously than me saw Ovenbird, Black-and-white Warble, Indigo Bunting and Savannah Sparrow. Nothing new though :( Maybe tomorrow!

Great Shearwater 4, Gannet 1 1cy, Leach's Petrel 1, Great Skua 1, Purple Sandpiper 1, Common Tern 6, Northern Wheatear 1


  1. Keep going Olof, there is still a monster out there somewhere. An Evening Grosbeak would get the heart pumping.

  2. Thanks for the push! Will have to work harder starting tomorrow when 8 of the remaining 13 birders leave... these f*cking winds should have brought something more than an Indigo Bunting!