Monday, October 26, 2009

Rain and wind again

Decided to do the lighthouse valley today. Got a lift about 800 m during my walk, but did the remaining 5 km or so by foot! And i got totally SOAKED before I even got to the valley. Wet and cold I birded the place for more than three hours. Result? Wet feet!

Walked back slowly and had lunch below do Vinte. Lunch includes powernap nowadays so after an hour I was ready to go birding again. Kicked around in da Ponte for a few hours in the afternoon. Only a few rain showers and not very much wind made the place quite birdable actually. Bumped into the Black-and-white Warbler two times. It has been there 22 days now! Walked over the fields close to the cliff edge on my way back but only found the common breeding birds, a lot of cows and the odd horse. Still waiting for a Cliff or Tree Swallow to turn up there!

Me about to be struck by a BIG wave yesterday. Picture by Vincent Legrand.

Six birders left and five arrived today. Ten should have left but the wind was to strong for the plane to land on Flores (winds are from W and the airstrip on Flores is S-N) so people had to stay here. Winds will settle somewhat tomorrow I think so then it's time to find a new, good bird again! Stuff must have arrived with the last days minor storm. I'm gonna hit Ribeira do Vinte with Fred!

Black-and-white Warbler 1

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